Special Inspection


Special Inspection is mandatory for:

1. Private vehicles with road tax that have expired for more than 3 years
2. Commercial or private vehicles have had the specifications of their engine, chassis or body changed
3. Interchange of car plate number
4. New or used imported vehicles to be registered with the Road Transport Department
5. Other types of requirement requested by the Road Transport Department


Types of VehicleRM
Goods / Driving School
Heavy Lorry (BDM ≥ 6000kg)50
Light Lorry (BDM ≤ 5999kg)50
Trailer and Semi Trailer50
Side Car, Tri-Motorcycle, Motorcycle30
Prime Mover, Van, Jeep, Pickup50
Types of VehicleRM
Public Service
Taxi, Car Hire, Limousine Taxi50
Bus, Mini Bus, Van, Jeep50
Hire and Drive50
Types of VehicleRM
Other Vehicles
Hearse (Car)50
Hearse (Van, Lorry, Bus)50
Fire Engine50
Mobile Machinery50
Types of VehicleRM
Van, Jeep, Pickup (Private and Company)50
Car (Private and Company)25
Motorcycle and Side Car 20

Documents that you need to bring along

  • Vehicle's Registration Card (Original) / Vehicle Ownership Certificate (VOC)
  • Carrier license from the Ministry of Tourism / Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) / Driving School Permit*
  • Vehicle Plan / Latest PG11A
  • AP (Approved Permit - JK69)*
  • Customs Excise Form K1 / K7 / K8*
  • T1 - Certificate of Taxi Meter Approval by the Road Transport Department (for taxis with taxi meters only)*
  • Latest TR2 - Taxi Meter Report (for taxis with taxi meters only)
  • Sales Letter from Authorised Dealer*
  • Certificate of Manufacture / Weight Certificate
  • Verification Letter from Authorised Workshop*
  • Approval Letter from Automotive Engineering (Road Transport Department) / Vehicle Type Approval (VTA)
  • Certification Letter of Green Engine from SIRIM*
  • Copy of Business Registration*

*Depending on the types of vehicle, different types of document may be required.
Should you need further clarification, please contact us on 03-5101 7000.

A glance at the inspection process flow

process flows bi

Inspection Items

Our well-trained vehicle examiners will drive your vehicle to the inspection lanes and conduct the inspection.
• Items inspected are as follows:

Inspection standards

PUSPAKOM consistently provides the best services, and we comply with international standards and highest quality assurance performance from industry-based certification and accreditation body. You may refer to our inspection standards here.

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