Voluntary Vehicle Inspection

What is Voluntary Vehicle Inspection?

Voluntary Vehicle Inspection helps you to understand the conditions of your vehicle so that you will be able to understand better what maintenance requirements needed to ensure your vehicle is always roadworthy. Much like our health, our vehicles need regular inspection too as early detection of potential defects followed by proper rectification can enhance the roadworthiness of your vehicle. Although it is not a mandatory inspection under the Road Transport Act, private vehicle owners are always welcome to visit PUSPAKOM and get your vehicle inspected.

Fee : RM50.00

Documents that you need to bring along

  • Vehicle's Registration Card (Original) or Vehicle Ownership Certificate (VOC)

A glance at the inspection process flow

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*Priority will be given to Voluntary Vehicle Inspection, vehicle owner or driver can walk-in at any inspection centres that offer Voluntary Vehicle Inspection to conduct the inspection.

Inspection items

Our well-trained vehicle examiners will drive your vehicle to the inspection lanes and conduct the inspection.
• Items inspected are as follows:

Inspection standards

PUSPAKOM consistently provides the best services, and we comply with international standards and highest quality assurance performance from industry-based certification and accreditation body. You may refer to our inspection standards here.

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Inspection centres

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