Light Mobile
(for light commercial)


Whenever and wherever you are, PUSPAKOM now comes right to your doorstep with any of our 3 mobile series – Mobile Truck, Light Mobile and Mobile Van that provides the hassle-free range of vehicle inspection. Each of our services ensures we cater to a wide range of individuals and corporate customers.

Inspections done at your doorstep

The Light Mobile transports the equipment via a trailer, allowing for deployment in even narrow spots. It also folds out, like the Mobile Truck Services.

It helps you to save time and travelling cost as well as minimise vehicles' ground time. This will improve your business productivity and reduce operational costs.

Inspection report will be issued on the same day of inspection.


Depending on volume, service charge starts from as low as RM60 per vehicle in addition to the individual inspection fee.

Types of inspection and vehicle

We offer services such as Routine Inspection. Transfer of Ownership Inspection and Special Inspection. The Light Mobile is equipped to handle inspections of vehicles below 5 tonnes. It is targeted to cater to commercial light vehicle owners, used cars dealers, driving school vehicles and car rental companies.

Inspection items

Our well-trained vehicle examiners will drive your vehicle to the inspection lane and conduct the inspection.
• Items inspected are as follows:

Coverage areas

Currently, we only offer mobile inspection in Peninsular Malaysia.


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