PUSPAKOM Approved Customer Representative (PAR)

PUSPAKOM Approved Customer Representative (PAR)


1. Introduction

PUSPAKOM Sdn Bhd is committed to maintain the highest level of practice in all business dealings, so that all our businesses can be conducted fairly, professionally and equitably in accordance with all regulations and regulations

PUSPAKOM found that there are still vehicle owners who use the services of "runners" (middlemen) for vehicle inspection at PUSPAKOM branches. This "Runner" is not a person appointed by PUSPAKOM, so PUSPAKOM does not have any control or knowledge in relation to these "runner" activities.

PUSPAKOM embarked on an initiative to encourage "runners" to register with PUSPAKOM by introducing an online appointment and payment facility (MyPUSPAKOM) category for "PUSPAKOM Approved Customer Representative” or the simple acronym "PAR".

However, PUSPAKOM still welcomes and encourages the public to attend the branch for vehicle inspection and this initiative does not intend to deny the Customer the right to attend in person.

PUSPAKOM believes that the "runner" are also mostly sincere and has already earned the trust of its customers. Yet there are still "runners" who manipulate the Customer.

The PAR Programme is an initiative to create a positive environment and a win-win situation for the parties dealing in PUSPAKOM, based on integrity, principles of transparency and trust. Create harmony between Customers, Customer Representatives or Vehicle Carriers/Drivers and PUSPAKOM.

2. What is PAR?

  • Customer Representative who registered under the PAR Programme through MyPUSPAKOM and have already gone through the vetting process by PUSPAKOM with cooperation from the relevant authorities.
  •  Criteria for PAR registration are as follows:
  1. Registration is open to companies established with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) under the Companies Act 2006 (sole proprietorship/enterprise, private limited or limited).
  2. The Company is allowed to register 5 individuals as representatives.
  3. Any person registered must be a Malaysian citizen aged 21 years and above.
  4. Free of criminal record.
  5. Not declared bankrupt.
  6. Read the Code of Ethics/Practice and Conditions for PAR and comply with the requirements under the Code of Ethics/Practice and Conditions for PAR.

3. Why customers are encouraged to use services of PAR?

  • PAR has undergone a vetting process by PUSPAKOM with cooperation from the relevant authorities.
  • Transparency of information related to fees.
  • Able to provide feedback of services of the PAR.
  • Able to make complaints related to PAR to PUSPAKOM. In the event Customer has any questions, doubts or dissatisfaction towards the services of PAR, Customer can contact the Customer Service Line at 03 - 51017000.

4. Business between the Customer and PAR at PUSPAKOM

1. Every transaction or transaction agreement (whether in writing or not) between the Client and PAR:

  • Is a personal transaction beyond the control of PUSPAKOM, made with the consent of the Customer;
  • Is not monitored and controlled by PUSPAKOM;
  • PUSPAKOM does not provide any commission to PAR;
  • PUSPAKOM does not accept any commission from PAR;
  • Customers are at their own risk when agreeing to accept the services of the third party representatives (whether registered or not).

2. You may make an appointment booking or inquiry on behalf of the Customer in good faith and legal and you will not commit any fraud either to the Customer or to the PUSPAKOM system, when booking an appointment.

3. Make a reservation through the MyPUSPAKOM Online Booking and Payment System.

4. Provide the best service to all PUSPAKOM customers who wish to conduct inspections and do not commit any act, or issue any statement or make any action that could negatively affect or adversely affect PUSPAKOM.

5. Damages / Indemnity

6. Listing of PAR

PUSPAKOM still welcomes and encourages the public to attend the branch for vehicle inspection. If the customers unable to attend for vehicle inspection, they are encouraged to use the PAR service. The following is the list of PAR who registered with PUSPAKOM.

Note: All the transactions and services offered by PAR are between the customer and PAR their own without involving PUSPAKOM.

7. Report to us with any complaints regarding malpractice or integrity issue

Any complaints regarding integrity, bribery, fraud or manipulation of PAR can be reported via the following channels or click  Corporate Governancet for further information.

  1. Email at whistleblowing@drb-hicom.com; or
  2. Call 1-800-88-2005; or
  3. Post to Bahagian Audit Dalaman Kumpulan, DRB-HICOM Berhad, Level 5, Wisma DRB-HICOM, No.2, Jalan Usahawan U1/8, Seksyen U1, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor


Email to us if you have any questions about PAR