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Only 2 criteria needed to start renewing insurance with PUSPAKOM:

i. You are 18 years old and above.

ii. You have read and agree to our Privacy Policy.


Insured and Win

Protect your vehicle with PUSPAKOM insurance services and stand a chance to win attractive prizes!



How To Join?

Step 1: Buy a motor insurance from us and stand a chance to win.

Step 2: No form is required, you are automatically entitled to 1 participation for each policy you have signed up.

Step 3: Winners will be contacted via mobile phone number recorded in the policy.


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You stand a chance to win attractive prizes when you renew your motor insurance with PUSPAKOM with a minimum premium of RM300!
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    Vehicle Registration Number

    Types of Class (Motorcycle / Private Car / Commercial)

    Cover Type (Comprehensive - First Party)/ Third party fire and theft / Third party -for motorcycle only)

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    Terms and Conditions

    1. Participation is only for vehicle owners.
    2. The participation period starting from February 1st, 2021 until June 30th, 2021.
    3. The Lucky Draw will be done on the first week of the following month.
    4. The Organizer (PUSPAKOM) reserves the right to extend or change the Lucky Draw period at any time without any notice if deemed appropriate.
    5. Each purchase / renewal of premium insurance with a minimum rate of RM300 and above will be defined as one entry of participation and participation is through a cover note from the purchase / renewal of the insurance at PUSPAKOM Teknik Sdn Bhd.
    6. Winners will be contact via mobile phone number as stated on the insurance 'cover note'.
    7. Providing accurate details of the mobile phone number is the responsibility of the customer.
    8. Winners will be notified by telephone by the Organizer. If the winner cannot be contact after three (3) times for three (3) consecutive days. The Organizer reserves the right to disqualify the customer as the winner and the next eligible Participant will be selected.
    9. All prizes must be claimed within 7 working days after being successfully contacted by the Organizer. All unclaimed prizes will be cancelled. No claims will be entertained after that period.
    10. Winners shall be fully responsible and liable in the event of any liability, incident, injury, damage, or claim upon received of the Lucky Draw prize.
    11. The Organizer reserves the right to change the Lucky Draw prize with something that is almost the same or with a lower value in the event where the prize cannot be obtained. Prizes won are non-exchangeable and cannot be exchanged for cash, credit, other items or vouchers either in part or in full.
    12. Winners must redeem the prize at the vanue and date that will be notified by the Organizer later.
    13. To claim the prize, the winners must present the original cover note and identity card / copy of the owner's identity card (claim on behalf of the winner) for verification purposes as proof of identity, which if failed, the prizes will be cancelled and any further inquiries will not entertained.
    14. The organizer shall not be liable for the collection of prizes by the winners. All costs for claiming prizes are the responsibility of the winner. All winners of this Lucky Draw are responsible for all taxes, rates, government fees, installation costs or any other fees that may be imposed on them under the law, in relation to the prizes of this Lucky Draw.
    15. Prizes are produced and made by a third party (Supplier). Winners need to contact the supplier regarding warranty or damage to the prize won.
    16. The Organizer reserves the absolute right to change, postpone, reschedule and / or extend the Lucky Draw period and / or cancel / terminate at any time.
    17. The Organizer reserves the right at its absolute discretion to stipulate the method of draw and selection of winners at any time without prior notice.
    18. The Organizer reserves the right and at its sole discretion to dismiss or cancel the entry of any Participant and / or entry found or suspected of cheating / hacking / misusing the Lucky Draw participation process, operation or violating any terms and conditions.
    19. The Organizer also reserves the right to change, amend, drop or add the terms and conditions of the Lucky Draw at any time.
    20. The Organizer reserves the exclusive right to print, publish and / or display the details and / or photos of the winners for advertising and publicity purposes, as well as for the purpose of announcing the winners whether in print media, electronic or other media.
    21. All decisions of the Organizer are final. The Organizer will not entertain any request to appeal or reconsider the decision that has been made.

    * ATTENTION: Any contact of the organizer with the participants whether by letter, telephone, SMS, email etc. sent by the Organizer to the winners will not contain any request for financial details, credit card, or bank account. Never disclose your personal details to third parties without confirmation. If there is any suspicion, please contact the Organizer.